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  • commented on GOP Platform Adopts Transfer of Public Lands Language 2016-07-21 15:09:25 -0600
    Well, I live in Nevada if that helps you out, Heather. It doesn’t matter which administration set up multiple uses on public lands… the problem is that the multiple uses WE THE PEOPLE want, (basic recreational use and wildlife preservation) are at the bottom of that list. “Local control of land means that the people of the area have REAL input into what is done with the land.” That sure sounds good and it puts the general public at ease, but when the time comes, the “multiple uses” that prevail will be those that profit the state. Public comments and “input” don’t generate revenue which means that what the people want is not taken into consideration. Unless you are affiliated with a special interest group, (like welfare ranchers) or work for a corporate entity, (like the mining, logging or oil industry) YOU don’t have a say now, regarding how our public lands are used and you won’t have a say under state control, either. The state’s only concern will be how to make the most money from the lands resources and it will sell those resources to the highest bidder… “Life-changing policy directives” will simply be forced on people by their state government.