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  • Utah Governor Backs Lawsuit

    By Tripp BaltzGov-Herbert-with-Flags.jpg

    March 11 — Utah Gov. Gary R. Herbert (R) said he supports efforts to mount a legal challenge seeking to allow the state to manage 30 million acres of federal lands within its boundaries.


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  • commented on Montana’s timber industry struggles to survive 2015-12-01 11:26:42 -0700
    Money and Politics, Casey. If the Montana Wood Products Industry Association were good for the timber industry in Montana then the Montana timber industry wouldn’t be dying.

  • answered 2016-05-05 12:22:29 -0600
    Q: Do you feel that state and local governments do a better job at protecting liberty and encouraging economic vitality than the federal government?
    A: Yes

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    Yes! I support Transferring Public Lands from the federal government to willing western states to improve public access, enhance environmental health, and restore economic productivity through local control.


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  • commented on Montana 2015-02-09 14:05:17 -0700
    Montana Republicans are promoting 3 caucus bills to ensure we keep public lands public and perform our due diligence concerning the viability of the Transfer of Public Land issues:

    • LC 1749 will prohibit the federal government from selling the public lands they currently control in Montana.

    • SB 215 will prohibit the state from selling any public lands that are transferred from federal to state control in the future.

    • And LC 1557 will establish a bi-partisan task force to analyze the feasibility of transferring certain federal public lands to state control.