3 Minute Message - 02/18/2015


Throughout the United States, several states are working simultaneously on bills to help improve the health, access, and productivity of our public lands. These bills are helping to look towards the transfer of those public lands to the states wherein they lie, as a means to help preserve them for generations to come, while still providing for the access we all cherish and the productivity we rely on.

This week, I encourage you to look over this list of bills and see how you can lend support to your state and national elected officials. Does your state have bills in the works? can you lend support by writing an email to the representatives responsible for voting on those bills? Does your state still not understand the importance of the Transfer of Public Lands? What can you do to help them understand this critical issue?

Please note that there are many bills in process that are not introduced in various states, and therefore not listed here. This happens often because the language is either not complete or not made public. This is normal and we are watching all of them very closely and having input on many of them.

Thank you for your continued support! Your constant vigilance to the principles of freedom are an example to the nation.

2015 Legislation Regarding the Transfer of Public Lands

American Lands Council


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