3 Minute Message - 02/25/2015


Earlier this month, the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) released a Working Paper of Public Lands Report. This independent study compares state and federal land management in the West. It examines the revenues and expenditures associated with federal land management and "compares them with state trust land management in four western states: Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, and Arizona. The report explains why revenues and expenditures differ between state and federal land agencies and discusses several possible implications of transferring federal lands to the states."

Today, I would like you to spend 3 minutes to become familiar with this Working Paper and get the facts from another independent source. You will find that Transferring the Public Lands is indeed, the only solution big enough to restore health, access, and productivity to our public lands.

Also, here is an update on the legislation going on throughout the states. This list does not include the many resolutions being presented and passed in Eastern States in support of states in the West. There are also some bills not released yet for public view. We invite you to discuss the Transfer of Public Lands with your representatives and see how your state can restore the state sovereignty designed within the constitution of the Unit4ed States and in your state's Enabling Act.

As always, we appreciate your support and the few minutes you take each week to make a difference!

American Lands Council

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