3 Minute Message - 03/11/2015


The message of the Transfer of Public Lands has been sweeping across the nation as people become educated about how these lands affect all states, not just those in the west.

Breitbart News Network has asked ALC President, Ken Ivory, to submit a series of articles to their publication to help people understand this critical issue. And over the next few weeks. we'd like to shire the first of these with you. These articles are a great way to help introduce your friends and family to the issue in a step-by-step process that is easy to digest.

Preserving our state sovereignty has never been more important and managing our own public lands will do much to secure the necessary balance of powers. We urge you to send these articles to your elected officials and help them understand why you support the Transfer of Public Lands.

BREITBART ARTICLE: "South Carolina Resolution for the Transfer of Federal Lands"

American Lands Council

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