3 Minute Message - 03/25/2015


Just this week, a critic of the Transfer of Public Lands tried to claim that the federal government never owned the majority of the lands in the east. This Breitbart article, second in a series submitted by ALC President, Ken Ivory, shows just how wrong they are:


"Nevada currently holds the unenviable record for the highest percentage of federally controlled lands within its borders - more than 80%!

"but this is not just a Nevada problem; the federal government controls about half of all the lands within the western states. In contrast, States east of Colorado have, on average, less than 5% federally controlled lands.

"But Nevada doesn't even come close to the all-time record holder for federally controlled lands within a state. This remarkable record was held by that great 'western state' of Illinois. During the 19th century, the federal government controlled more than 95% of all lands within the State of Illinois for decades! But, it wasn't just Illinois. The federal government also controlled for decades as much as 90% of all lands between Indiana and Florida.

We have found over and over again, that once people understand the  history of the transfer of public lands...the promises made and the promises broken...they realize that the transfer of public lands is truly the only solution big enough to improve the health, access, and productivity of our public lands and the sovereignty of our states. Please share this article series with your friends and colleagues and be a pert of the only solution big enough.

American Lands Council

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