3 Minute Messenger - 11/12/2014


Understanding the nature of a healthy forest can be a little "over your head" for most city folks. But those in the west know that a healthy forest doesn't just happen by leaving it alone. Healthy forests come from maintaining a healthy number of trees per acre so that they don't have to compete for necessary water, nutrients and sunlight.

Neglected forests get so congested that competing trees succumb to insects infestations and various diseases, die and become the perfect fuel for the next catastrophic forest fire.   Those fires, in turn, destroy the soil with their intense heat, which turns into runoff in the next storm, destroying the fish and watershed for generations to come.  

Take a moment and take in this information put out by Delphi Advisors, which explains why they believe the state of our forests may have a major impact on the U.S. economy, as well as the forest products sector.


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