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  • commented on Obstruction or Obligation? The Case for and Against Environmental Litigation 2018-08-02 15:04:44 -0600
    It’s gotta be the most shameful act by attorneys our Nation has ever experienced. Environmental issues with great intentions of creating a public voice gone wrong. It allows the user to inflate his rate and charges without any real requirements or being audited. It has put a cloud of smoke covering the Western part of the United States. It’s perverted use has paralyzed good forestry an is costing you millions in loss of property and unfortunately lives. This a great tool stop it’s perverse use by allowing it to be used for profit an obstruction or lack of leadership and innovations. Access to justice isn’t being given to anyone equal, with out a spirt of respect or coporation. Come on America let’s just do what’s right. It can be that easy. The Standing People. (Native for ) they who so love the trees. We can do this.