#FreeTheLands - The Goal


Everywhere you turn, misinformation concerning the Transfer of Public Lands (TPL) seems to be traveling through the media as opponents repeat rhetoric that has been disproven years ago. In order for the public to understand why we need to #FreeTheLands, they must first understand what it is and what it is not

Recently, the American Lands Council has created a simple two-sided handout that summarizes the goals of the TPL movement, as well as well-founded facts to support the transfer, and reiterate the Public Policy Statement of the American Lands Council. This simple handout can be viewed and downloaded HERE. We encourage you to share it within your circle of influence and be a part of the solution!

Today, let's focus on the goal of the American Lands Council and the Transfer of Public Lands movement as taken from this handout:


It's as simple as that...healthy environment, abundant recreation, and safe, vibrant communities. These are the things that we all want for our public lands. There is no desire to sell the lands; no desire to destroy natural resources; no desire to cut off access to the beautiful lands of the west. Don't be fooled by those who would have you believe otherwise. 

It is possible to manage our own lands in the west and to do it more effectively than the failed federal policies that have been destroying our lands for decades.

#FreeTheLands is NOT about selling off public lands and it’s NOT about transferring national parks, wilderness, or Indian reservations; it’s about ordinary federal public lands becoming state public lands for multiple use in accordance with state and local plans. In fact, when our advocates introduced legislation to keep public lands public, it was the very groups who claim we would sell them that opposed the bill! See for yourself HERE.

View the entire public policy statement HERE.


Please share this simple handout with your friends and contacts and help them see how they can stand with communities throughout the West in calling for a restoration of our public lands by calling for the Transfer of Public Lands in the west.




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