Alaska Moving Forward with Lands Advisory Committee


This past January, President Obama announced that his administration plans to lock up the oil-rich 1.5 million acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge coastal plain and offshore areas in Alaska from oil and gas exploration, despite widespread Native Alaskan support for drilling in the area. ANWR's coastal plain alone is estimated to hold 28 billion barrels of oil.

It's no surprise then that Alaska's citizens are expressing their frustrations at the continued federal overreach within their borders. The Citizens' Advisory Commission on Federal Areas (CACFA) has passed a resolution creating an Alaska State Lands Advisory Group. This committee will work to enable a federal lands transfer to the State of Alaska. It will also study any other viable options and report back their findings.

Alaska is just one of many western states that understand the need to compel Congress to honor the same promises to states in the West, that it has already honored with all states east of colorado, as well as Hawaii. The sovereignty and economic stability of our states is at stake.

Political action happens when the people make their voices heard...when they choose elected officials who understand the proper role of government...and when states stand up and act like the sovereign states that they are and were always meant to be.

Please join us in standing up. Donate what you can. Call your elected officials. Tell a friend. Then tell them to do the same.

American Lands Council

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