ALC's Statement on the Hammond Ranch Conflict

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Date:       January 6, 2016

Re:         Statement regarding Hammond Ranch Conflict

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In spite of grave injustices levied against the Hammond ranching family, the potentially dangerous standoff that is shaping up in Oregon is not likely to resolve conflicts caused by the federal government’s mismanagement of public lands.

Although we understand the frustration with how the Hammonds and many other rural Americans have been treated by federal land managers, we pray the situation in Oregon is decided peacefully, and that calm reason prevails on all sides.

We at the American Lands Council recognize the current system of federal public land management is failing America in nearly every regard. Significant reforms are necessary to improve public access, environmental health, multiple use, and opportunities for land-based livelihoods. ALC is comprised of hundreds of elected officials, resource experts and volunteers who are working diligently with State, local, and national elected leaders to free the lands from out-of-touch federal bureaucracies through education, legislation, and, if necessary, litigation.

ALC’s Public Policy is centered on transferring federally controlled public lands to the more responsive and accountable state and local governments so the American people can tend our environment locally, thoughtfully, and with common sense. Who better to tend the lands in a state than the people who live there and care the most about the air, water, wildlife, and local communities?

ALC’s tremendous efforts within the policy arena over the past 3 years have proven viable, as evidenced by this recent, ground-breaking legal analysis, this economic study, and favorable legislative efforts in nearly half the states and the U.S. Congress. In recent months, numerous presidential candidates have come out in support of freeing public lands from unaccountable federal bureaucracies and shifting authority to willing states. The National Farm Bureau, National Association of Counties, Republican National Committee, and numerous other organizations also support the lawful transfer of public lands to the states.

Our goal is healthy air, water and wildlife; abundant outdoor recreation opportunities; and safe, vibrant communities. Unfortunately, federal mismanagement of our public lands is producing unhealthy air and water, decimated wildlife, blocked off and destroyed recreation access, and unsafe, economically depressed communities. As the constitutional lines of jurisdiction have become blurred, unfair treatment of American citizens has also become more prevalent.

Under local control, issues like the Hammond ranch legal case would be resolved under state law by local officials, judges, and juries who are accountable to their local communities. As such, conflicts would be better resolved in accordance with the will of the people, and the livelihoods of rural Americans  will no longer be needlessly placed in jeopardy.

We encourage all who desire better public land governance to join ALC and work with friends, neighbors, resource experts, and elected officials to lawfully and peacefully enact reasonable solutions that restore fairness and balance in the way our public lands are managed.

Finally, if “We the People” concentrate our efforts on electing good, wise, and honest representatives who are committed to upholding the U.S. Constitution, we can all live in harmony with what America is said to be… the Land of Liberty.

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