"A new rule from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service sharply limits predator control on Alaska's national wildlife refuges over loud opposition from hunting advocates and state wildlife officials.

Critics including U.S. Rep. Don Young also denounced the rule as usurping the 1980 Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, which gave the state wildlife management authority on state, private and federal lands.

Young issued a press release Wednesday condemning the rule, calling it a "unilateral power grab" that undermines promises made by the Alaska statehood compact. 


When states lose their rights, individuals lose their rights. State officials are created when individuals in the community elect people from their community whom they feel best represent their wishes. Those people get together and get input from countless professionals who know the unique needs and desires of their state. As citizens of their state, they are the most qualified to determine how to run the affairs of their state. No matter which state we live in, our lives and livelihoods are dependent upon good management of the resources within our state. And because our state representatives are relatively local and more accessible, when constituents feel that they are no longer being represented properly, we have the power to replace those individuals with someone who will represent them. Trying to take back your power from a distant, federal official is far more difficult. Our states are best managed by those who live here, breathe here, work here, and yes...hunt here. 

Whether you hunt for your own food, or allow others to do it for you, the fact remains that states are independent, sovereign entities. We have, guaranteed to us in the Constitution, the right to manage almost all affairs within the borders of our own state. The federal government is supposed to be limited to the powers "few and defined" given to it by the states. But unless and until we the people and our elected representatives step up to protect the lawful jurisdiction of our states, we will continue to be the most hunted prey this season, and for several seasons to come.

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