Commission on the Stewardship of Public Lands - Utah Association of Counties Meeting_Sept 2014

These leaders and supporters of American Lands Council understand the need for the Transfer of Public lands--transferring the public lands held by the federal government in the Western states into state hands and local control (see our policy statement for full details). Watch the videos below to see what they all have to say and learn more.

Stan Summers, Box Elder County:

 Claudia Jarrett, San Pete County:

Mark Ward, UAC:

Kent Peatros, Duchesne County:

Dirk Clayson, Kane County:

David Miller, Iron County:

Alan Gardner, Washington County, UAC:

Chad Winn, Juab County:

Casey Hopes, Carbon County:

Phil Lyman, San Juan County:

Adam Trupp, UAC:

These videos were filmed during the Commission on the Stewardship of Public Lands-Utah Association of Counties meeting in September of this year.

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