Don't Fall For the Fear Campaign


The Center for Western Priorities (CWP) is launching a fear campaign in states across the West. We all know that federally-controlled public lands are increasingly restricted, increasingly inaccessible, increasingly under threat of destructive wildfires, and are the source of increasing conflict with local governments and law enforcement agencies. But CWP is using falsehoods and fear tactics to try to get you to embrace total federal control of existing public lands, as well as future federal land grabs in your state.

By putting up billboards with dire warnings, CWP is trying to make you to believe the lie that Transfer of Public Lands efforts will result in a “sell-off” or “privatization.” They want you to believe your state can’t afford to manage its own public lands, when the exact opposite is true! Research proves that federal control results in a net loss of revenue per acre, whereas state managed lands produce significant revenues per acre! (See the actual statistics HERE.)

Why would CWP launch such a scare campaign? Simple, they benefit from strict and oppressive federal control of public lands.

CWP is well funded and well connected with far-left organizations such as the progressive New Venture Fund, which also funds radicals such as Wildearth Guardians. This so-called ‘conservation’ group is also linked to groups which are trying to tear down your Second Amendment rights.

CWP is more about radical agendas than it is about conservation. Based in Denver, Colorado, CWP is run by liberals with radical ties. CWP’s director, Jennifer Rokala, is the former state director for ousted Democrat Colorado U.S. Sen. Mark Udall. Their policy director is Gregory Zimmerman, who was previously involved with The Nature Conservancy, which is also radical environmentalist organization.

Don’t buy their cynical lies. Be aware of the scare tactics. Educate your friends about the truth of Transfer of Public Lands legislation. Encourage them to become a member of American Lands Council. Help us fight the fear-mongering and falsehoods.

YOU hold the key to Freedom.



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