Election Results: Big Wins For TPL!




Election Day 2016 saw huge and, in some cases, unexpected victories -- the foremost of which was the election of Donald J. Trump as the next President of the United States. While many underestimated his determination and ability to win, we never conceded that the election was the done deal early pollsters tried to make it out to be. Now that we know the real outcome, we at ALC are pleased to congratulate Mr. Trump and his running mate, the honorable Mike Pence, for their successful campaign and decisive victories. And we look forward to working with them and all Americans for the betterment of our nation! 

As a result of Tuesday’s General Election, both the U.S. House and Senate held onto Republican majorities in Congress, and local and state elected officials who lead the nonprofit efforts of the American Lands Council (ALC) were re-elected by large margins. In fact, many candidates who campaigned and messaged in support of Transfer of Public Lands won their races decisively!

Although ALC strives for and ultimately believes bi-partisan support will grow as the truth about our cause becomes better known, Republican victories this year are especially relevant to us because the Republican National Committee adopted Transfer of Public Lands (TPL) into the national platform at their 2016 summer convention. Literally hundreds, if not thousands, of ALC supporters helped get this done by enthusiastically sharing factual information about ALC with their friends, colleagues, delegates, and elected officials.

As we stand strong and share the load in making the compelling case for TPL, we are winning!

We are grateful for the growing number of elected officials, resource experts, and citizens who realize the Transfer of Public Lands is The Only Solution Big Enough for better care of our public lands to benefit our communities and our environment. This solution to #RestoreBalance works legally, economically, and socially because it is profoundly grounded in the timeless Constitutional principles of liberty, self-governance, and Statehood equality.  

With the support of literally tens of thousands of people like you who persevere every day, the American Lands Council has created a national movement with major support from all over the country. We are pursuing an exciting legislative path for incremental state acquisition of federal lands that is flexible, workable, and protects our public lands in a sensible way. And we now have a President who is much more inclined to support our proposed plan for greatly improved public land management than we have had in a very long time.

Although opposition pressure can be intense at times, and their tactics are often outrageous, we believe it is worth it to stay the course of truth and liberty for the benefit of our lands, our lives, our families, and our country. We want healthy air, water, and wildlife, abundant outdoor recreation, and safe, vibrant communities. And we have found the lawful, peaceful, and economically sound path to get there. We know that, with perseverance, truth will prevail.

Ultimately it is our goal to bring people from all sides of the political spectrum together in support of better, more thoughtful, management of our public lands through a reduction in federal bureaucracy. After all, who cares more about our lands and environment than the States in which they are located and the people who live right there and are affected by these decisions every day? Much of this land is rich in renewable natural resources that can produce more than enough revenue to cover responsible management costs AND environmental protections.

It is time to #FreeTheLands from Washington DC bureaucracies so we can tend them more like a park, or a garden, and less like a “hands-off, don’t-touch” museum. We must continue to spread our message so that every household in America understands what a Win-Win this can be -- for our economy, our environment, our families, our States, and our nation.

We can do this! But we need your help now more than ever. ALC is fueled by volunteers, member dues, and donations. Are you willing to step up now and do all you can? Do you really want TPL to be successful? If so, see how you can TAKE ACTION today!

Thank you. May God bless you, may God bless America, and may we never lose faith in what is true and good and just!







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