Why do 'environmental' groups ignore wildfire impact?

Fuller Fire near Grand Canyon National Park, July 2016

On August 1, 2016 there are 196 major fires burning on federally-controlled lands, most of which are in western states. Many are under a hundred acres, but there are several active fires exceeding 30-40,000 acres in size.

Strangely, the Sierra Club and Center for Biological Diversity are promoting an end to domestic energy production while ignoring the vast amounts of smoke, soot, ash, haze, CO2, carcinogenic pollution, related erosion and other environmental degradation caused by wildfires on federally controlled public lands as we speak. 

Strangely, these green groups who claim to care about the environment are rarely supportive of vegetation management that would prevent huge wildfires. In fact some 'environmental' groups collect a hefty paycheck from obstructing sound management activities from occurring and are never critical of the lack of proper vegetation management that leads to the most prolific pollution problems in our nation. They seem to ignore the impact of catastrophic wildfires on federal lands and the toxic pollution emitted into our air when federal agencies allow forests to become sick and wildfires to rage out of control.

This appears to be an attempt to deflect attention away from the truly devastating environmental impact of wildfires on federally-controlled lands while attacking the energy industry for far less significant impacts. It seems they simply want to shut down our economy regardless of whether or not it helps or hurts the environment. 

Below are photographs from wildfires in national parks and national forests from 2016. More constant and up to date information on wildfires can be found HERE.


Cedar fire, Clearwater National Forest, Idaho, July 2016 

Fuller Fire with smoke and haze in Grand Canyon National Park, July 2016


Cox Fire, Olympic National Park, July 2016 


Fire near Crater Lake, Crater Lake National Park, July 2016


Fresno Fire, Big Bend National Park, July 2016

Prescribed burn, Sequoia National Park, July, 2016

Satellite view of Sand Fire burning over large area along the California coast, July 2016

Satellite view of Soberanes wildfire, Northern California, July 27, 2016






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