In the News, March 25, 2015


Today's Headlines:

Chairman Tom McClintock Opening Statement at the Subcommittee on Federal Lands Oversight Hearing Says Rampant Land Acquisitions are Devastating Tax Bases; New Fracking Rules: Wyoming Drills Most on Federal Lands; Hardy Introduces LAND Act.

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  • Gene Landrum
    commented 2015-03-25 23:31:31 -0600
    I’m not familiar with the Chairman, what I am aware of is the Huge National Debt. that is a huge user of funds to pay the interest on this Large Debt. If this is a Truism, then all the Departments of the US Government that makes fund, from Fees form resources under their control. These Funds are needed, to fund their department, plus (best case) pay down the National Debt. While, I’m not totally against Raising User Fees, I am concerned about the ‘push-back’, if the User’s quit using because of the high or higher fees, on the resources they are leasing, and making money on, someone is paying Taxes on the Profits. If the ‘Income Tax’ from the Profits out way the current fees being charged (tax deductible in most cases as business overhead) leave them, as is. If it can be proved to be the reverse, raise Fees within reason, to keep User’s Using! This is my opinion and is Fiction til proven True. 2015