In the News October 28, 2014


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Community defends against wildfire; Climate change not responsible for altering forest tree composition; Salvage logging begins after 35,000-acre Oregon wildfire


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  • Lyndsie Davis
    commented 2014-10-31 16:13:05 -0600
    Yes, American Lands Council is advocating Western states receive a transfer of public lands from federal to local control, but we do post news from across the nation that is pertinent to public lands and the problems that arise on them.
  • Greg Zimmerman
    commented 2014-10-30 10:37:24 -0600
    Um….the article you link to titled “Climate change not responsible for altering forest tree composition,” is about EASTERN forests. If you read it, the story goes into detail about how forests in places like Pennsylvania are in a state of disequilibrium because of clear-cutting and large scale burning that occurred during settlement. This has NOTHING to do with the role of climate change on the composition and health of our WESTERN forests.