It's Amazing, Isn't it?


It is amazing how far we’ve come isn’t it?  4 years ago, 5 county commissioners and 1 State legislator with 1 very big idea banded together and formed the American Lands Council (ALC).

Thanks to an incredible amount of dedication from countless members, volunteers, and supporters, we have ignited an unstoppable national movement.

The American Lands Council has educated millions, cultivated support of 1,000+ elected officials, developed a nationwide coalition of advocacy partners, and laid the foundation for a viable FEDERAL LEGISLATIVE PATH that protects public access, increases cost efficiency, restores accountability, and provides flexibility for State and Local governments in how our public lands are managed.

In addition to raising an army of unwavering State and local elected officials, we now have a Congress AND a President inclined to support reasonable Transfer of Public Lands legislation! 

StockSnap_M8RBHKHRPP.jpg In fact, our national association of elected officials, resource experts, public land users and concerned citizens is on the verge of achieving our dream for better public land management, just as outlined in our ALC Public Policy Statement!

It is abundantly clear: Washington DC’s grip on over half of all land in Western America is not only unfair but it is not working.  A rapidly growing number of elected officials support moving away from dysfunctional federal bureaucracy in favor of more efficient, responsive and adaptive locally-driven stewardship to allow for better care of our public lands to the benefit of our communities and our environment.

Since ALC’s founding in 2012, at least 20 States have introduced or passed legislation favorable to the Transfer of Public Lands. Although opposition pressure has been intense at times, and their hypocritical tactics have been outright outrageous, we have stayed the course of truth and liberty for the benefit of our lands, our lives, our families, and our country.

We have laid the foundation, we have persevered, and we are now poised to make our goals for better, more accountable, locally-driven public land management a reality!

But we cannot do it without YOU. Our organization is member driven. Membership dues and donations are critical to our ability to accomplish our mission. If you support what we are doing, we need YOU to pledge a monthly contribution,  become a member, or upgrade your membership today! ANY amount you can give will immediately be put to work to move The Only Solution Big Enough across the finish line!

The bottom line is this: We truly want healthy air, water, and wildlife, abundant outdoor recreation, and safe, vibrant communities -- and we have before us the lawful, peaceful, feasible path to get there. We need YOUR HELP to stay the course and make it happen! Are you with us?








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