Feds won't let state put out wildfire!

Feds won't let state put out wildfires! Says faster aircarft that carry more water don't meet federal standards.

Montana Governor Says Federal Rules Hampering State's Wildfire Fight http://www.newsmax.com/…/Montana-fede…/2015/08/21/id/671314/

"Bullock said in the letter that Montana pilots who have flown UH-1H helicopters on hundreds of wildland fire missions have been told to stand down as blazes broke out "in full view of our aviation staff, who watched them grow as federal firefighters waited for other 'approved' aircraft to be dispatched from distant locations."" 


What's wrong with this picture? 6pm on a summer eve, and the streetlights are on! Federal lands are burning out of control 50 miles away, darkening our air with carcinogenic pollution for hundreds of miles. Burning up our forests anf wildlife, destroying homes and property, endangering human lives. And the feds won't let the state put the wildfires out! Time to #‎transferpubliclands to the states. We can and will do better than WADC! - Sen Jennifer Fielder, MT

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