To Sell or Not to Sell...THAT is the Question


One of the greatest things about working for the American Lands Council is the amazing people we get to work with from all over the country. Hard working, honest, genuinely good people. But in this line of work, it also never ceases to amaze me how disingenuous some groups of people can be.

For decades now, "environmental groups" have been suing the federal government over their constant mis-managment of public lands. But when they have the opportunity to support efforts to transfer the lands to the states, thus ensuring better health, access, and productivity of those lands, they will fight to the death to keep those same public lands within the hands of those who are destroying it.

And now, when Montana Senator Jennifer Fielder tries to move forward a bill to ensure that the state of Montana CANNOT sell off those public lands, which groups are there to stop the bill? guessed it. The same people who spread false fear among the public that somehow states would "sell off the public lands to the highest bidder" if they ever had the chance.

Why would groups who claim to be created to protect our environment work so hard to make that impossible? I can only assume it is so that they can continue to make their living off of endless litigation that funds their operations.  Between 1989 and 2008, 1,125 lawsuits were filed agains the Forest Service by these very same groups, and there have been many more filed in subsequent years.

It would be comical if it weren't so sad. To watch these groups whip people into a frenzy to ensure we "keep our public lands public," when all along it is these eco-obstructionists who want to milk these lands for every penny they can get out of them, at the expense of the public.

Please share this video with those you associate with and help them get the truth about the Transfer of Public Lands. Help them understand that the Transfer of Public Lands is the only solution big enough to protect our lands and ensure better health, access, and productivity of our states.

American Lands Council

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