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We've been told for decades by the Feds and by extremist groups that exclusive management by federal bureaucrats thousands of miles away, who lock up our forests like they're in a museum -- Hands Off, Don't Touch! -- is the solution. THEIR SOLUTION IS THE PROBLEM -- resulting in dead forests, tens of millions of acres catastrophically burned, air polluted, water supplies and habitat destroyed for decades, wildlife killed by the hundreds of millions; communities left depressed and unsafe; and recreation opportunities blocked off or burned up. 

"By nearly all accounts," centralized bureaucratic management of our unique lands Is Not Working!




This picture, taken on a ranch west of Helena, MT by Jim Priest, epitomizes the dire distinction between federal "museum management" and locals tending their lands like a garden.

It's time to #‎FreeTheLands for more effective, local care and management if we truly want healthy forests, air, water supplies and wildlife, safe and vibrant communities, and abundant recreational opportunities.

Just like a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work for unique gardens around the nation, the present one-size-fits-all public lands policy administered by federal bureaucrats thousands of miles away can never produce a more healthy AND productive "garden" than local management of our public lands by those who know the lands, the soil, the climate, the pests, who are on site to deal real time with the unexpected circumstances that unavoidably occur, and who have the most at stake in the care of their lands.

Canada recently turned over the management of land, water and resources to the local provinces and territories in a process they call "Devolution." Through local management by those who know the lands best and have the most at stake in their care,
they are experiencing better outcomes economically AND environmentally.

Have you taken responsibility to hire a governor, attorney general, members of congress and state and local leaders who care more about the health of your lands and communities than being politically popular? Who understand that liberty and the right and control of property are prerequisites to self-government? Who are resolved to stand and struggle to secure your inalienable rights rather than shrink and submit to an ominously domineering federal government that lacks any constitutional authority to discriminate against states and their people or to retain public lands under this type of devastating federal control?


Here's a perfect example of Texas Governor Greg Abbott on how a governor acts to protect the lands and liberty of the people of his state.

Take a stand today! 


Find out if your elected representatives are doing all they can to secure your rights to govern and tend the lands within your state like a healthy and productive garden rather than allowing them to be locked down by federal "museum management" policies 


Ask your chosen representatives (and those seeking to be your representatives) what they are specifically doing to "fix their eyes steadily upon the period of the speedy extinction of the federal title to all the lands within their respective limits" (U.S. Senator Thomas Hart Benton, D-MO) just like Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, and even Florida did to successfully compel Congress to transfer the nearly 90% of their lands that were held by the federal government for decades. 


Those states rejected centralized "museum management" of their unique lands in favor of tending their lands more like a garden by local people who know the lands best and whose lives and livelihoods are at stake in their care.


Shouldn't we? 


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