Will UT Senators Stop Bears Ears Monument?


Everywhere you look federal bureaucrats are taking western land as fast as they can snatch it up. One of the latest attempts to increase federal control over the west is now happening in the state of Utah over a proposed monument that would take millions of acres out of local control and put them in the hands of a distant landlord. 

Senators Mike Lee and Orin Hatch are introducing an Antiquities Act Amendment in an effort to stop such sweeping federal officials from overreaching its bounds and further harming the people of Utah.

Utah Senators Introduce Antiquities Act Amendment to Stop Bears Ears

Image Credit: US Geological Sruvey

Image Credit: US Geological Survey

Utah Senator Mike Lee along with Senator Orrin Hatch, have introduced a senate bill they refer to as the “Utah National Monument Parity Act.” The bill is the latest effort by Utah to derail what some consider the imminent declaration of another National Monument within the Beehive State. This latest move would provide a legislative roadblock to future efforts similar to another designation currently under consideration by the Obama administration. The most recent request for antiquities protection was made by a Native American tribal coalition which has petitioned the White House for the designation of the Bears Ears area in Utah’s San Juan County.

...The Antiquities Act, originally made law by Teddy Roosevelt in 1906, has been revised twice since its enactment as a remedy for similar looting and public vandalism at Mesa Verde in Colorado, less than 75 miles away from the proposed Utah site. Lee has been instrumentally involved with the state’s opposition to a monument declaration and seeks a reduction in power of the Antiquities Act similar to that issued for Wyoming in 1950.

At that time, following the incorporation of Jackson Hole into the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming secured an amendment requiring Congressional consent for any future creation or enlargement of National Monuments there. The Lee amendment would prohibit the further declaration of National Monuments in Utah without congressional approval in a similar manner....

Lee announced that his “parity” bill allows for “protections from Antiquities Act abuse,” and indicated that “Utahns don’t like it when out of state special interest groups tell us how to use our land.”

See original Utah Political Capitol article HERE.

We are grateful for the efforts of members of Congress such as Senators Lee and Hatch. It is imperative that we, as citizens, understand our rights and those of the states and stand up for them wherever they are threatened. It is also critical that people understand the true nature of the Transfer of Public Lands so that they will no longer be fooled by the soundbites being promoted by those who would increase federal control over the West. 

Stand up for state's rights and help protect our wildlife, watershed and wilderness for generations to come. 


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