Act Like A Separate and Independent Sovereign



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"Whether the Property Clause grants the United States the power to permanently own over sixty-six percent of the State of Utah is an open [question] under existing jurisprudence. There is an indication, however, that this Court might be open to the structural Constitutional arguments noted above. In Chief Justice Roberts’ analysis of the structure of government as envisioned by the Framers, we note this admonition:

'The States are separate and independent sovereigns. Sometimes they have to act like it.'

"Perhaps this is an invitation by the Roberts Court to States like Utah, willing to reassert their sovereignty in an effort to restore balance to the federal State relationship." Page 128, Utah TPL Legal Analysis.

Over the coming days, tune into this UT TPL Legal Analysis Blog as we review section by section this groundbreaking Legal Analysis that is opening the door to advance the only solution big enough for the environmental, economic and constitutional predicaments facing our nation -- Freeing Our Lands for more effective, locally driven management of our lands!

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In our unique system of government, WE are the Boss. But, if we want to be treated like the Boss, WE have to act like the Boss! There will be many in 2016 at the local, state and national levels who will be applying (campaigning) for a job to represent you. Make sure the have the Knowledge and Courage to be a modern-day Thomas Hart Benton, relentlessly committed give their utmost to #FreeTheLands!

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