Federal policies leave forests overgrown, choking out plants and wildlife

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  • Dennis Foster
    commented 2023-05-04 18:06:17 -0600
    Wow, the science is often different than what we assume before checking. I still think it’s a good idea to put our forest fires that are close to cities and people’s homes though. But this makes sense. I met an arborist who worked for https://www.greatervictoriatreeservice.ca/ and he said it’s natural for trees out in the wild to go through a recycling process through forest fires. The first nations used to light forests on fire on purpose to regenerate the land. I hope to see more science put into this in coming years.
  • Marjorie Haun
    commented 2016-07-21 14:51:58 -0600
    You’re spot on, and forestry science backs you up!
  • Robert Palmer
    commented 2016-07-21 10:57:57 -0600
    Mother nature took care of are forests forever. Now are federal government is destroying them by putting out natural forest fires and then over planting after a fire. This has made are forests overgrown and clogged with dead debris. Overgrown forests cause drought and makes trees defenseless against Bark Beatles. Fires thin out the areas that are to thick and burn debis. This makes the forest clean and healthy. It also puts much needed nitrogen in the soil. The forests now are so thick that when we do have a fire the flames go up into the top of the trees. This burns up the entire forest instead of thinning it and cleaning up debris Obama and our government put the blame on global warming when in fact they are to blame.