Our Mission

The American Lands Council is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization comprised of elected officials, local governments, non profit organizations, businesses, resource experts, and citizens who desire a lawful, peaceful path to better, more accountable management of our public lands and natural resources. Funded by member dues and donations, ALC was founded by a handful of western county commissioners in 2012 and has since gained the support of over 1,000 elected officials, the National Association of Counties, and tens of thousands of Americans who share our goal for constitutional equality among the states and responsible public access, environmental health, and economic productivity on the public lands within their borders. 

The clear solution to federal mismanagement of our public lands is to bring the decisions closer to home so that meaningful, sustainable reforms can be instituted by the people who care about proper management of these lands the most. The United States Constitution (Art 4, Sec 3, Clause 2) grants Congress the Power to transfer public lands to the States. In fact, millions of acres of State-owned public lands were originally transferred to them from the federal government decades ago, and these state-owned lands continue to be among the most productive, well managed public lands in America. 

ALC is working to coalesce a growing number of elected officials, resource experts, and dedicated citizens into a national network to advance creative, lawful solutions for better, more accountable, and affordable public land management. 

Our affiliate, American Lands Council Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that focuses on research and education related to public lands, natural resources, state sovereignty, and related laws and history. ALCF is funded primarily by tax deductible, charitable donations.

ALC & ALCF each have their own Board of Directors who are unpaid volunteers committed to common sense solutions that benefit the environment, our communities, each state, and our nation as a whole.