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  • commented on GOP Platform Adopts Transfer of Public Lands Language 2016-07-21 08:23:26 -0600
    You both sound like people who are not living in areas with economies that have been devastated and/or prevented from growing by what passes for federal land management. Nor do you live where the feds have been shutting off access to public lands. States manage their lands far more cost-effectively, AND they manage them in such a way that they are far less likely to burn.
    As to mining, etc, I strongly suggest you go read the law under which the administration of federal lands was originally set up. Enabling multiple uses, including mining and logging, is part of the deal.

    Local control of land means that the people of the area have REAL input into what is done with the land. With federal absentee landlordship, we have NO input. Life-changing policy directives are simply forced on people from thousands of miles away.

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