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    ALCF Donations

    Leading the Charge

    The American Lands Council Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan, nonprofit organization focused on research and education related to the historical, economic, environmental, and social aspects of public land management, ownership, disposition and policies. 

    Our Goal

    Our goal is to contribute research and education in support of achieving thoughtful, accountable, locally driven stewardship that improves public access, environmental health, and economic productivity on our public lands.


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    General Membership-Individual

    Be Part of the Solution!


    The American Lands Council is America's Advocate for Better Access, Health, And Productivity on Public Lands.


    As a member you will become a vital part of our valued network of elected officials, resource experts, public land users, and other good citizens striving for increased accountability, greater accessibility, balanced beneficial uses, and responsible stewardship of our public lands for present and future generations. And you will be directly supporting advancement of our mission, including:


    • Research, development, and promotion of key legislation, litigation, and policy.
    • Reaching national audiences and expanding our network of leaders, organizations, and volunteers.
    • Educating key candidates and public officials.
    • Strategic planning and operations to improve access, health, and productivity on public lands through increased local control.


    Your annual membership can be paid at once, or by monthly installments.


    Our friendly ALC staff will send you a renewal notice via email 30 days before you membership is due to expire.


    We are grateful for your continued support!


    *Membership Subject to ALC Approval


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    Please Sign Our Petition:

    3,735 signatures


    Yes! I support Transferring Public Lands from the federal government to willing western states to improve public access, enhance environmental health, and restore economic productivity through local control.


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    You Can Fuel Our Mission!

    American Lands Council depends on contributions from people like you to move the Transfer of Public Lands forward. Some of the things that your contribution can help make possible are:
    • Presentations that allow us to educate throughout the country
    • Research, development, and advocacy of critical legislation and litigation strategies
    • National Conferences that allow elected officials, state leaders, and members to coordinate efforts
    • Powerful technology to support our national movement
    All contributions are applied toward associate or full membership eligibility. If you are able to make a monthly automatic payment please click here.
    And, again, we thank you for your endless support.