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  • donated 2016-08-23 22:45:41 -0600

    Donate to ALC

    American Lands Council depends on contributions from people like you. Without your donations, we would no longer be able to move the Transfer of Public Lands forward. Some of the things that your donations make possible are:
    • Presentations that allow us to educate throughout the country
    • Support and advancement of legislation
    • National Conferences that allow elected officials and state leaders to coordinate efforts
    • This website that provides coordination tools
    Your generous donation will help support Transfer of Public Lands back to local control.
    If you are able to make a monthly automatic contribution please click here.
    And, again, we thank you for your endless support.

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    I signed up to volunteer for American Lands Council. Join me!


    We appreciate all you are doing to forward the Transfer of Public Lands cause. Thank you!
    Please consider visiting our Donate page.

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    Sign the petition: American Lands Council

    Please Sign Our Petition:

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    Yes! I support Transferring Public Lands from the federal government to willing western states to improve public access, enhance environmental health, and restore economic productivity through local control.


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