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    Yes! I support Transferring Public Lands from the federal government to willing western states to improve public access, enhance environmental health, and restore economic productivity through local control.


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  • commented on Negotiation Team Notes 2014-10-08 11:42:01 -0600
    Welcome, to the negotiation committee thread. As the work to advance and eventually consummate the transfer of public lands that is currently held in trust by the federal government of the United States to the individual states nears, each of the four pillars embraced by ALC overlaps and serves as crucial tools. With the goal in mind to set straight the imbalance of these substantial holdings of public lands by federal agencies by transferring these lands to the appropriate sovereigns, the states, we in the negotiation team have a much broader scope. Transfer is not an end unto itself because with it comes the shift of responsibility from federal ownership to the respective states bringing with it an additional set of challenges and opportunities but it is a vital first step. With that said, local and state governments are duly elected to provide representational protections of inalienable rights such as life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, individual private property rights etc. So understanding certain values from which we will not deviate but recognize multiple concepts to best accomplish the ends of better access, health and productivity on said lands. Lots to do and lots to work on. Look forward to working together.

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