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Become a part of the conversation online by commenting on news articles that pertain to the issues surrounding the Transfer of Public Lands movement. 
The first step is to setup Google Alerts for yourself so that the news literally comes to you.
Here is a quick setup guide:
Create an alert
  1. Visit Google Alerts.
  2. In the "Create an alert about" box, enter the words you want to get email notifications for.
  3. Click Show options to say how often you get alerts, what types of results you want to get, and more.
  4. Click Create Alert.
  5. Once your alert is set up, you'll start getting emails any time we find new search results for your keywords.

The Keywords and phrases you should track include:

  • American Lands Council
  • Transfer of Public Lands
  • Public Lands
  • Public Land
  • Federal Land
  • Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
  • Center for Western Priorities
  • Wildfires
  • Jennifer Fielder
  • Ken Ivory
  • Utah Commission on the Stewardship of Public Lands

Once you are all set up you can quickly see the news pertaining to the key words you typed in. You can create free accounts with the news outlets of your choice, and share the facts with other viewers.  


1.       MISSION:

a)      Scan daily news and other media for stories and opinions related to the key words you selected.

b)      Enter positive, informative reader comments about FTL and links in online news forums

c)       Draft and submit letters to editor to counter the opposition statements with the truthful stories and supporting facts.

d)      Assist and encourage others to do the same.

2.       DIRECTIVE:

a)      Create thoughtful, concise message: Begin with “The real story is…”

b)      Keep focused on facts related to Better Management related topics -- Access, Health, Productivity.

c)       Make supportive statements in favor of those who are working to achieve better management via TPL legislation.

d)      Do NOT rant or bicker or name call. Be kind and factual. Speak as if you are addressing the average readers who are watching from the sidelines (there are a lot of them), not the organized opposition leaders who are repeating adversarial talking points. “Out-polite them”.

e)      Do NOT chase “shiny objects” (i.e. don’t be baited by personal attacks, sidebar issues).

f)       Do NOT repeat or dwell on the opposition message. Stay on our key points.

g)      Do NOT veer off into edgy topics such as Agenda 21, Guns, Socialism, War, U.N., Article 5, Militias, Bundy, etc.

3.       MAIN MESSAGE:

  We all want a healthy environment, abundant outdoor recreation, and safe, vibrant communities. But federal mismanagement of our public lands is giving us just the opposite.

Washington DC’s mismanagement of public lands is resulting in huge wildfires, toxic air, diminished water, decimated wildlife, blocked off and destroyed recreation access, and unsafe, economically depressed communities.

We need to #UnlockOurLands from distant, dysfunctional, uncaring federal bureaucracies so we can tend our public lands locally, and ensure healthy air, water and wildlife, abundant outdoor recreation, & safe, vibrant communities.

Western States already manage millions of acres of public lands, while better preventing wildfires, protecting the environment, and enhancing the economy. When it comes to public land management, states outperform the feds by as much as 15-1.

Think about it. Who cares about the proper care of our environment more than the people who live here? Who knows western land issues better than westerners do? Certainly not politicians and bureaucrats calling the shots from Washington DC.  


  • The American Lands Council’s real goals for better public land management through local stewardship are found in this Public Policy Statement.
  • Who is funding the opposition? Visit to see which phony sportsmen’s groups are deceiving real sportsmen into opposing transfer of public lands to the states. 
  • Why are opponents telling everyone that the lands will be sold if transferred to state control, but when we introduced 2 pieces legislation that would prohibit public lands from being sold, they testified AGAINST keeping public lands public! See for yourself:

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 There are many myths and misunderstandings being touted about the Transfer of Public Lands movement. Together we can spread the truth!

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