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  • answered 2017-03-23 17:13:40 -0600
    Q: Are you willing to take a role in bringing about statehood equality through empowering local and state governments in the West?
    A: Yes

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  • commented on WOTUS overturned! Now pardon its victims 2017-02-28 23:43:52 -0700
    President Trump, now it’s time for another Executive Order, ie. addressed to other illegal and unconstitutional federal “overreach agencies”, the BLM and the FBI. In fact, how about an order cancelling out all actions in the last 150 years which were made by the federal government. After all, that’s why the Americal Public elected you with an enormous landslide. Then request from Congress reparations be made to the many victims of these rogue agencies and request that the thugs heading these alphabet bureaucracies be tried by in individual state courts by people’s juries and incarcerated in answer to their treacheries. Let the indictments and impeachments begin!